Works at the construction site of WHSD were inspected by St. Petersburg Governor

According to Poltavchenko, the construction of new interchanges in Primorsky and Beloostrov districts is being discussed. Currently, the road hasn’t been opened to traffic since the construction works have not been fully completed. Yet, the first cars have already hit the Central section of the road. An exception was made for Georgy Poltavchenko, Governor of Saint Petersburg, who came with a working visit to WHSD to inspect the construction progress.

The authorities were impressed by the scale of the work done. The Central section of WHSD is 96% complete. Many people are truly excited about this utterly unique project. Among those are the residents of the central part of Saint Petersburg. WHSD is essential in helping to relieve traffic congestion. Traffic opening was initially scheduled on August. However, it became impossible due to the new regulations in the field of construction which led to moving up the deadline. Poltavchenko told reporters that the road will be opened in November.

St. Petersburg Gov. Georgy Poltavchenko – «I’m pleasantly surprised by the quality and pace of the work done. Among other things, it’s really important to be goal-oriented». There are few things left to do before the road will be opened, namely to finish the road pavement, to install acoustic screens and to lay the service lines.

Poltavchenko said that a lot of big new projects are already being planned for the future.