The WHSD road maintenance service summed up the results of the 2023 summer season

Last summer was a record in St. Petersburg for the number of sunny days, and for the WHSD road maintenance service - for the amount of asphalt laid.

Most of the planned asphalt replacement work occurs in the summer months. This is due to the requirements of regulatory documentation and the peculiarities of the technological cycle. In winter, only local repairs are carried out and only in cases where they cannot be postponed. During the summer repair season, which lasts six months on the WHSD, 297,000 sq. m. were laid. m. asphalt concrete. This amount of material would be enough to asphalt the entire length of the main course of the Central section of the highway in one direction and half in the opposite direction. The road surface was repaired using modern types of asphalt concrete mixtures, namely ShchMA-16, ShchMA-22 and cast asphalt concrete.

In addition, in the summer of 2023, the next stage of work began on replacing noise barriers and decorative fences. This work will last until spring 2024. The renovation is associated with the loss of aesthetic characteristics of structures due to metal corrosion processes. 12,500 sq. m. will be replaced. m. of screens and 2,850 sq. m. fencing.

During the 2023 summer repair season, more than 22.5 thousand square meters were restored. m of horizontal road markings, which were applied using the most durable materials based on thermoplastic compounds and cold plastics. This amount of material would be enough to completely paint three football fields. More than 5 tons of paint were used to restore the paintwork of noise barriers, lighting supports and automated traffic control system frames.

Road work on the WHSD is planned based on the traffic intensity predicted for each specific section and lane for each day of the week and even for each hour. Work is organized in such a way as to minimize restrictions during peak hours. For road services, this approach requires full concentration, careful planning and strict adherence to schedules. Work sites are always fenced with special road booms for hundreds of meters to prevent accidents and make the work area as visible as possible.