Toll plazas

When approaching a toll plaza, please keep in mind

When approaching the toll plaza, please, stick to the speed limits and keep the distance. 

You will see the monitor displaying a charge for your vehicle. You will be charged in correspondence with the current tariffs. Keep moving only after you get a receipt (if you pay by cash/cards), the barrier lifts and the light turns green. Please, keep the receipt untill the end of your trip. 

If you pay toll by transponder, please remember to make a stop in front of the barrier or slow down if you drive through the Fast lane. The toll will be paid automatically.

Types of payment.

How to choose the lane?

Specially designed signs

Variable Message Signs and barriers located above the entry on the toll plaza will assist you in selecting the correct lane.

Various payment options are available when you arrive at a toll plaza on WHSD. 

If you pay in cash, please, choose the lane designated with the yellow sign.

If you pay by transponder, please, choose the lane designated with the green sign.