More than 105 million transactions recorded on WHSD in 2023

The past year has been a record year for traffic flow since the start of operation of the Western High-Speed Diameter.

The highway analytical service has summed up the results for 2023. During this period, 105.6 million transactions were recorded on the WHSD, which is 3.2% more than in 2022. This figure became a record for 12 years of operation of the road sections and for the seven years that have passed since the opening of the Central section of the WHSD and the entire length of the highway.

In the absence of a significant impact on the traffic flow of changes in the infrastructure (this year several exits of the new interchange were opened, but this happened at the end of the period under review and did not significantly affect traffic statistics), there is a continuing evolutionary increase in the number of users. Tariff changes undertaken this year did not actually affect the dynamics of traffic flow.

There is less and less cash at payment points

WHSD users traditionally prefer electronic methods of travel registration. More than 91% of trips were made with transponders. But cash payments are gradually becoming a thing of the past. Of the 8.8% non-transponder trips:

in 24.3% of cases cash was used (31.5% in 2022), in 75.7% - bank cards (68.5% in 2022).

May, August, unlimited and the most popular routes - a few more interesting facts

The maximum daily traffic and revenue was recorded on May 12, 2023. In previous years, most often the daily record was recorded on the first Friday of September.

The month of maximum traffic flow was August. It's traditional.

The popularity of tariff options has noticeably increased (opportunities to purchase a discount of 10, 25, 50 or 100% for 30 days for a fixed fee), which we attribute to the growing frequency of use of the highway by regular customers and the desire to optimize their costs. The most popular option was “Passenger 100” - virtually unlimited for 30 days.

The most popular routes of the year were trips from the Ring Road (South) to the Makarov embankment and in the opposite direction, as well as from the Ring Road (South) to Bogatyrsky Prospekt and in the opposite direction.