More visible means safer! WHSD road inspectors received new vehicles

The traffic inspector service is one of the key ones in the system of ensuring road safety on the highway.

It is road inspectors who are the first on the scene in most emergency situations. For example, in the event of a stop on a highway or a traffic accident, the service arrives in a matter of minutes. The priority task of a traffic inspector is to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers of emergency vehicles and those passing by the scene of an emergency situation. If necessary, the inspector will call emergency services, will do everything to free up traffic lanes, and will not allow pedestrians to walk in high-speed lanes, which can be deadly. From time to time, inspectors have to provide drivers with practical assistance in repairs if this is the fastest way to stop an emergency situation.

But first of all, to ensure safety, it is very important to make the scene of the incident as visible as possible. And here their vehicles come to the aid of inspectors. They are specially made to be very noticeable and bright.

WHSD road inspectors are celebrating the New Year 2024 with new cars. Based on domestic GAZelle light-duty cargo vans, special vehicles for road maintenance have been created. A set of technical means for organizing traffic is installed on the roof of the van. Light indicators for the location of an emergency situation and the direction to avoid the danger automatically rise. The creeping line informs drivers passing by, who are attracted by bright yellow spotlights that flash frequently. An additional special color scheme of the car is also aimed at maximizing its visibility for drivers.

The first two new cars of WHSD road inspectors are already working on the line. The entire park will be updated in the near future.

By the way, each of the road inspectors’ cars travels 250–300 kilometers per day. The annual mileage can reach 100 thousand kilometers.

We urge you to be attentive and careful while driving, carefully monitor the traffic situation, avoid using your phone and other distractions, and strictly follow traffic rules.

If you become a witness or participant in an emergency situation, report it to the highway dispatcher by toll-free number 0405. Road inspectors are always ready to help!