The Board of Directors executes general management of the Company. 

BoD consists of seven members elected by a general stockholders meeting of the Company for a period up to the next annual General meeting of stockholders.

The BoD main terms of reference are issues of the Company Budget and Business-plan approval, confirmation of the most important deals as well as issues regarding development of new projects and business-lines.

The main function of the Governing Board is to fulfill on the daily basis the company strategies and resolutions of the BoD.

The Governing Board is formed by the BoD. The Governing Board terms of reference are first of all issues concerning arrangements of putting into practice resolutions of the General stakeholders and BoD meetings, approval of internal rules and regulations, approval of goods and services prices of the Company.

Members of the Governing Board:
Alexei N. Bnatov
Alexei N. Bnatov
Chairman of Governing board
Elena Y. Lukianova
Elena Y. Lukianova
First Deputy CEO/Chief Financial officer
Elena V. Litvinova
Elena V. Litvinova
HR Director
Svetlana V. Voznesenskaya
Svetlana V. Voznesenskaya
Head of Legal Department
Viacheslav M. Kovalenko
Viacheslav M. Kovalenko
Deputy CEO for Security
Alexey Y. Orlov
Alexey Y. Orlov
Director of Toll Collection Department
Evgeny A. Popov
Evgeny A. Popov
Director of Maintenance Department
Tamerlan A.Gagloev
Tamerlan A.Gagloev
Director of Department For Supply And Development

CEO is a personal executive body of the Company being elected for the four-year term.

Alexei N. Bnatov
Alexei N. Bnatov
Born in Moscow.
Engineer in VTO “Medexpert” MVT USSR.
Engineer in State machinery of USSR Economic Adviser in Karachi (Pakistan).
Deputy Head of Foreign Affairs Department, Ministry of Medical and Microbiological Industry.
Deputy CEO for Marketing and Sales, Russian-Pakistan joint enterprise.
Head of Russian Representative office of Canadian GFG Packaging Company
Head of Department of AkzoNobel.
Vice-President, Business Manager in CIS (the Commonwealth of Independent States) of Greif Company.
CEO, “Agro-Invest” Group.
2012 up to now
CEO, Northern Capital Highway.
Company policies
HR policy, Labor protection
Service quality assurance
Maintenance and road safety
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