Winter is near: over the weekend, the WHSD's maintenance service fought ice and cleared snow

Last weekend, the first snow fell in St. Petersburg, and the WHSD maintenance service carried out the first snow clearing and preventive anti-icing of the motorway. The main salvo of bad weather fell on the Northern section of the motorway. For the first treatment of the motorway this season 8 units of special equipment were involved. 20 tonnes of reagents were distributed along the carriageway of the Northern section. As always, the most exposed to the risk of icing were treated first of all on overpass sections and arcs of interchanges. Most of the specialised equipment used during the operation and cleaning of the WHSD is combined and universal. The attachments used depending on the season can be used on the same machine. At the moment, the fleet of vehicles of the Western High-Speed Diameter operational service has already been 70% re-equipped for the winter season: water tanks with watering rails in the front and rear parts of the vehicles have been replaced by bunkers with sand spreaders, brushes and mouldboards. Despite the readiness of operational services, do not forget that it is impossible to instantly neutralise the negative consequences of bad weather. Please follow the recommendations: - use car tyres appropriate for the season; - strictly comply with the Road Traffic Rules, follow the information displayed on the signs and variable information boards of the WHSD, do not exceed the permissible speed; - choose the speed mode, soberly assessing your driving experience, the condition of the vehicle and the carriageway, in order to fully control the situation; - be extremely attentive and careful! The off-season and the first cold weather is a time that requires increased attention not only from the operating services, but also from motorists. Most drivers have not yet switched to winter tyres. Some, unfortunately, forget that the first frosts can affect the condition of the road. We recommend to be especially attentive and gradually prepare to adapt your driving style to winter conditions.