Toll rate increase at Bogatirsky prospect on-ramp and off-ramp toll plazas

Toll rate increase for drivers of 1st class vehicles who pay with cash or credit cards.

The rate will be 100 rub. at the toll plazas located at Bogatirsky prospect on-ramp and off-ramp.

The rate remains the same for Tag users. The toll doesn’t change for any other types of vehicles. The toll doesn’t change at any other toll plazas.

Toll rate at these particular toll plazas is necessary to unload one of the most popular interchanges of WHSD, which links the highway with a densely populated Primorsky district.

Drivers who continue to pay the toll with cash or credit cards block the way to the toll plazas, especially in the rush hour, which makes it hard for Tag users to approach Fast lanes.

The percentage of cash payments on WHSD has to be minimized in order to improve the road situation. 


Cash payment rate

Tag rate (with a monthy fee)

Tag rate (without a monthly fee)

Bogatirsky prospect - Primorsky prospect

100 rub.

12,8 - through the day

6,4 - through the night



Bogatirsky prospect - Makarova embankment

100 rub.

49 rub.

24,5 - through the night



Bogatirsky prospect - Ekateringofka embankment

160 rub.

75,1 rub. - through the day

37,55 - through the night