This summer, motorists travelled 313 million kilometres along the WHSD

Over the past summer, motorists travelled a total of 313 million kilometres along the WHSD, which is like getting to the Sun (149.6 million kilometres), returning to the Earth and then driving 21 times to the Moon and back (384 thousand kilometres). Compared to the same period of the previous year, the total car mileage on the WHSD increased by 6%. This summer 90% of all journeys were made using a transponder. In total, more than 29 million transactions were recorded on the ZSD during the summer season, which is 3% more than in the summer of 2022. Drivers used the motorway most actively in August, with around 10 million transactions in that month. As in the previous year, the most popular summer correspondences on the motorway were the trips Ring Road (South) - Makarov Nab. KAD (North) - junction with the Scandinavia motorway and the reverse directions of these routes. The daily traffic record for the summer period was set on Friday 7 July 2023, when more than 395 thousand transactions were recorded on the WHSD. Users of on-board devices - transponders issued by Operators of other toll roads of the Russian Federation - made more than 1.78 million transactions on the WHSD.