The WHSD festival was among the winners of the Russian Event Awards 2021

WHSD Fontanka Fest took second place in the category "Best Tourism Event in the Field of Sports" of the finals of the X National Award in the Field of Event Tourism Russian Event Awards 2021.

On May 22, 2021, the annual WHSD Sports Festival took place. It is an international event with a race and bike parade along St. Petersburg's unique highway, the Western High-Speed Diameter.

More than 10 thousand sport and active lifestyle lovers took part in the festival. So on start there were almost 8 thousand cyclists and 2.5 thousand runners. More than 50 thousand Internet users watched online what is happening on the main road. The bicycle parade route goes from the Bogatyrsky prospect to the embankment of the Ekateringofka river. This section includes the Central section of WHSD, rich in unique constructions, which have already become the hallmark of St. Petersburg.

The event brought together participants of different ages, residents of St. Petersburg and other regions of the country. Hundreds of photos on social networks and grateful feedback from the participants confirm that bright events, uniting thousands of sports fans, are in demand in St. Petersburg.

National Award in the field of event tourism "Russian Event Awards" was established as a sectoral award for the open competition projects for achievements in the field of event tourism. Over 400 projects take part in the award every year. The main goal is to contribute to the development of domestic tourism in the country.