The Governor of St.Petersburg inspected WHSD Central section construction from the helicopter.

Georgy Poltavchenko highlighted the scope and uniqueness of the Project. Visual inspection of Western High Speed Diameter Central section construction sites was a part of a programme of the business round flight of St.Petersburg, held on 9 November, Saturday, by the Governor of St.Petersburg. In the course of the flight The Governor estimated the result of repairs of roofs, construction progress of the Stadium on Krestovsky island and the Central section of WHSD. “I had an opportunity of having a complete view of this serious and unique project. Construction works are being undertaken at full pelt here”, – said Georgy Sergeevich Poltavchenko at the conclusion of the round flight and highlighted that he was pleasantly surprised by the extent of the construction of Western High Speed Diameter. It is to be remembered that 2 November the Governor visited the site of WHSD Central section construction located at Savushkina Street. During the visit Georgy Poltavchenko expressed his satisfaction with the construction progress and his confidence that the highway of great importance for the Northern Capital will be commissioned on term. Image: Photo: Media-office of the Governor of St.Petersburg