The Governor inspected the progress of WHSD Central section construction

Georgy Poltavchenko, governor of St.Petersburg, visited the site of WHSD Central section construction at Savushkina street within the programme of Saturday visit of the core construction sites of the city.

Alexei Bnatov, CEO of Northern Capital Highway, introduced the progress data of WHSD Central section construction to the city governor and heads of relevant committees. Alexei Bnatov informed that the construction is being undertaken o schedule. 
Georgy Poltavchenko expressed a positive attitude of the city administration to the Project progress and confidence that the highway of great importance for the Northern Capital will be commissioned on term. The governor wished a good luck to the Contractors and highlighted the city administration willingness of support and cooperation that is a part of public-private partnership concept. 
At a present on the site of WHSD Central section at Savushkina street construction of piers of bridge across Bolshaya and Malaya Nevka is ongoing, for today 24 piers of bridge approach flyover have been constructed. Moreover temporary technological platforms and bored piles construction, filling of embankment for sand islands is ongoing on the site.
Intensive works are being undertaken on the other sites of WHSD Central section construction as well. On Kanonersky island works on exit ramps from the bridge across river Ekateringofka are ongoing: piles penetration, pile caps, piers cap and body construction is being undertaken. Preparatory works for construction of reinforced concrete structure of exit ramps have begun. Transfer of utilities is also being undertaken on the site.
On Vasilievsky island – South works on sheet pile driving for temporary technological platforms construction, filling of embankments and bored piles construction on sand islands are being undertaken, temporary flyovers construction in the water area is ongoing. Onshore drilling of piles and pile caps construction is being undertaken. 
On Vasilievsky Island – North piles construction works are being undertaken, pile caps and piers construction for exit ramps from Makarova embankment is ongoing. Moreover sheet pile driving and filling of embankments for temporary technological platforms is being undertaken on the site. The main pile caps construction works are ongoing onshore. 
On Krestovsky island construction of temporary flyovers, sheet pile driving and filling of embankments for temporary technological platforms construction, drilling of piles, piles cap and body construction is ongoing.


ICA Astaldi-IC Ictas WHSD Insaat Anonim Sirketi joint-stock company (ICA) was awarded the Construction Contract (EPC) for construction of the Central Section of WHSD. ICA a joint venture of the well-known construction companies – ASTALDI (Italy) and IC ICTAS INSAAT – one of the most contractors in Italy and Europe in the field of transport, engineer, energy infrastructure, civil and industrial construction. The consortium is in the top hundred of «Engineering News Record» rating. At a present the consortium works in Italy, Central Europe, Russia, Turkey, Middle East (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar), Maghreb (Algeria), Latin America (Venezuela, Peru, Chili, Central America) and North America (Canada, USA)

Limited Liability Company “Northern Capital Highway” (NCH) is founded in March 14, 2011 NCH is consortium implementing the Construction and Operation of Western High-Speed Diameter Highway on the basis of Public Private Partnership (PPP) principles concluded with the City of Saint-Petersburg and “Western High-Speed Diameter”, OJSC. The Parties of the Consortium are: VTB Capital, Gazprombank; Astaldi (Italy) and Içtaş Inşaat (Turkey) as Contractors; Mega Yapi Inşsaat (Turkey) as a technical advisor of the Contractor. NCH undertakes the Western High-Speed Diameter Central Part Project financing and construction management as well as taking over from WHSD, OJSC, the complete WHSD for Operation under the 30 years Concession. The project deserved appreciation of the Top-level economic editions.

The Western High-Speed Diameter (WHSD) is a unique high-speed urban highway being created in St. Petersburg. The construction of WHSD is an example of the world major public private partnership in the field of road construction. WHSD is a highway achieving the transport goals set for the city and providing traffic relief for the central part of the city and to remove the traffic tension to the north and south regions of St. Petersburg and Vasilievsky Island. It is a project defining the development of St. Petersburg as a major transportation hub on a world level. WHSD is the first urban high-speed toll road in Russia. WHSD begins at the interchange with the ring-road in the south of the city, goes to the Sea port of St.Petersburg then to Vasilievsky island and further – to E-18 “Scandinavia” Highway. The complete length of the highway is 46,6 km. The Southern section of the toll road is already being in use.

Alexandra Ten,
Andrei Tsapu,
PR Dpt.