The Contractor of WHSD Central section construction will take part in the litter pick on Vasilievsky Island

19 October 2013 года at 10.00 in Vasilievsky Island district of St.Petersburg the Contractor of WHSD Central section construction IC Astaldi will take part in a regional litter pick that will take place in the block of Nalichnaya and Korablestroitelei Streets.
The Turkish-Italian Contractor IC Astaldi has been undertaking construction works on Vasilievsky Island – one of locations of WHSD Highway – and takes part in the district life. To help the citizens of Vasilievsky Island the Construction Company provides with special vehicles: two dump-trucks and front-end loader. By joint efforts it is planned to gather leaf litter, clear up the loan, plant trees and bushes. 
Taking in consideration all the significance and importance of the Project for the city and its citizens the Contractor the technical supervisor Northern Capital Highway, LLC, and the Contractor IC Astaldi pay much attention to the social end of the Project. At a present they undertake a noise protective glazing of the houses situated in the construction area. On Vasilievsky Island 520 flats have been already glazed. 
For efficient development of citizens’ appeals a Community liaison office of WHSD Central section began its work on Vasilievsky Island. Its schedule is from 15 pm till 17:30 pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. One can put a question regarding construction works as well as noise protective glazing in the course of the Project also by the phone at the following numbers of the Project participants.
• IC Astaldi Iҫtaş, the Contractor of WHSD Central section construction, PR Department: 
+7(931) 350-03-23, +7(931) 350-03-24.
• Northern Capital Highway, LLC, technical supervisor of the Project, PR Department: 
+7(812) 645-40-04 доб. 116.
• Hot-line of Remstroy, LLC, the Subcontractor for noise protective glazing +7(812) 607-68-27.

Alexandra Ten,
Andrei Tsapu,
PR Dpt.