The cable-stayed bridges of WHSD were successfully tested

The end of October was marked by one of the most significant stages of WHSD Central section construction. The assembled superstructure of the Sea Channel truss bridge (the levels of which will carry the load of all the traffic on top of them) were placed on support structures.

Double-deck Bridge over the Sea Channel is the most complex and challenging part of the Central section.

The decision to construct a double-deck bridge arose from the fact that the construction works are being performed mostly in densely developed urban territory, including water areas. There are two traffic-carrying decks separating opposite directions.

After the whole complex of works is performed, WHSD will open to traffic.

Apart from that, the cable-stayed bridges of WHSD successfully withstood the weight of dozens of heavily loaded trucks which drove across the bridges to test their loading capacity.

During installation of the steel structure, which was more than 1 km in length, the incremental launching method was used.