Students from the Children's Technology Park will be involved in developing the WHSD

The Northern Capital Highway and the Kvantorium children's technology park in Vsevolozhsk are launching a partnership. 

The Kvantorians, as the children being trained at the Kvantorium are called, will work on solving real problems faced by the Operator of one of the most modern and equipped roads in Russia in their work. 

For example, schoolchildren will be able to work on a project that will allow them to track drivers on the WHSD who use mobile devices or other distracting objects while driving, as well as to create an unmanned aerial vehicle capable of flying as close as possible to the metal structures of bridges or overpasses in order to diagnose the technical condition of elements. Another project that the young inventors will be working on is the development of an innovative toll collection system on the motorway based on satellite positioning technology.