Kindergarten on Kanonersky Island will be protected from the noise

Meeting regarding issues of noise-protective measures to be undertaken was held at the preschool .

To observe regulations of noise protection “Transecoproject”(CJSC) worked out a Project of noise-protection for the territory of the Kindergarten. It includes setting of modern windows, construction of fence with protective screens that are to defend the territory from any possible noise.

Terms of works and technologies which are to be implemented for the noise protection were discussed last week at the joint meeting of Kirovsky district government representatives, administration of the Preschool, representatives of WHSD (OJSC), NCH (LLC) and the Contractor IC Astaldi.  The Contractor assured that the main noise-protective works will be completed on time – before children arriving after summer vacation.

We should highlight that during the period of construction of the next scheduled pier of the main carriage way of the road there will be a fence constructed to part the Site from the residential area. There will also be constructed a roundabout pedestrian road with hard surface. It will make the distance just 80 meters longer.