Give a doctor a lift - help save a life

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Our partners from the public organization of motorists "SPB.AUTO" launched a volunteer project "Give a ride to the doctor" in 2020.

The idea is to unite St. Petersburg motorists to provide transport assistance to doctors. Volunteers are encouraged to help doctors get from clinics to patients as quickly as possible.

This is especially important now, because with another wave of pandemics, the number of calls to district doctors has increased significantly. Every minute saved can be devoted to the patient.

Volunteers use their own vehicles to travel on the routes requested by the city's district clinics. Dozens of volunteers are already taking part in the project.

To become the participant of the project: подвезиврача.рф
The official Vkontakte group "Give a ride to your doctor"

The project is implemented by the coordinating center "Give a ride to the doctor", organized by the Regional Public Organization of Motorists "SPB.AUTO" and the Interregional Public Organization of Environmental and Patriotic Education "Clean Games" with the support of the Committee on Youth Policy and Cooperation with Public Organizations of St. Petersburg.