Flow+ toll collection system and new rates on WHSD

From December 4th a new rate system is introduced on WHSD.

Flow+ is only applied to drivers who pay by tags.

From now on, the total fare coincides with the chosen route.

New rates for drivers using tags are 15 % lower than for those paying with cash.

Tags with a monthly fee get 10% discount.

It is important to fix the tag in accordance with the instruction.

Rates will be changed at Primorsky pr. – Bogatirsky pr. and Blagodatnaya – Ekateringofka zones. It only relates to those who pay with cash, credit card or Smart Card.

The main purpose of these changes to motivate drivers to purchase tags. It will help to increase traffic capacity of WHSD.

What is the FLOW+ system and how does it work?

Currently, payments made via Smart Cards make up less than 0,5% of all payments on WHSD. WHSD users can exchange their Smart Cards for tags for free.

Flow + is a system which gives the drivers an opportunity to drivers who use tags pay not for rate zones but only for the route they pass.

Example:  The entry point is Blagodatnaya St., exit point is Krasnoputilovskaya.St.

If you pay with cash (credit card or Smart card) you have to pay 45rubles for the whole rate zone Blagodatnaya St.– Ring road. If you have a tag, the entry and exit points will be automatically indicated and you will only pay 7,40.

Flow+ system has been partially introduced because of the Central section of WHSD. There are no toll plazas on this part of the road.

To calculate the toll for your trip, select the SECTION you will drive, your entry point, your exit point, class of your vehicle, how you will pay and your trip time.

Use the calculator on the website.

You can also learn more about new rates at the sales offices or from the rates table on the website.