First steelworks have arrived to the sites of the WHSD Central section

On Monday, 31 March, 2014 first steelworks for span construction have arrived to the WHSD construction sites at Savushkina St. and Vasilievsky Island (south).

In accordance with terms of the agreement of WHSD construction the contractor IC Astaldi Iҫtaş Inşaat have received first steelworks. Four steel frames with weight of 14-16,5 tons, length – 12-14 meters, width – 3 m and height – 2,2 m were delivered to the site at Savushkina St. These steelworks are allocated for construction of the bridge at the estuary of the Bolshaya Nevka and the Srednyaya Nevka.

First steelwork delivery were arranged at the site of Vasilievsky Island (south) for construction of the bridge-approach to the Ship fairway bridge at the estuary of the Bolshaya Neva. The steelworks are all welded steel girders (of both left and right directions), comprising blocks, ribs and cross girders, cantilevers. Platforms for keeping steelworks have been prepared.  In the short term enlargement of steel structures will start. At the same time construction of special support structures and structure system for framework launching will be set off at the estuaries of the Bolshaya Nevka and the Srednyaya Nevka. To see details of the Launching method of structure construction technology click here.  

Steelwork suppliers of the Western High-Speed Diameter are the large Russian  producers such as “Lenmontazh” (St.Petersburg),  Voronezhstal’most (Voronezh),  “Mostovik” (Omsk), “Kurganstal’most” (Kurgan),”Energomash” (Belgorod) and “Tyumen’stal’most imeni Tyumenskogo Komsomola” (Tyumen’). It’s for the first time in the Russian history that the large-scale steelwork manufacturing plants were joined by the mean of advanced software on the basis of ERP that guarantees possibility of detailed monitoring and control of steelwork production distantly – this is of great importance  in the context of considerable remoteness of the plants from St.Petersburg (up to 3200 km).   

Steel-work delivery will last up to December, 2015. Total weight of the elements amounts to 113 000 tons.

It should be noted that construction of the WHSD Central section is being undertaken at 10 zones – from the Ekateringofka embankment to the site at Savushkina Street. the Central section commissioning is planned for 2016.