Don't forget to refill the transponder balance before the trip

Dear drivers,

The summer season is coming soon and to save time on your way to the countryside, do not forget to include the WHSD in your route. To make the trip even faster and more comfortable, pay the toll with a transponder!

Before traveling, make sure that your account balance is positive. The fastest way to find out the account balance is to use the mobile app "Ваш ЗСД 2.0", where you can also top up the balance. Do not forget that you need to refill the balance at least 30 minutes before the trip!

If you do not have a transponder yet, purchase the device at any WHSD toll plaza on the lane with a cashier-operator or at the Service Center on Planernaya Street 18, build. 2. Remember that you can activate the transponder purchased on the toll lane only after completing the trip along the WHSD road. Stopping at a toll lane or the highway is strictly prohibited.