Construction of the tunnel under river Smolenka has begun on Vasilievsky Island

Within the works on WHSD Central section construction building of the tunnel under the Smolenka has begun on Vasilievsky Island.  

Tunnel of the depth of 11 meters below the ground level and length of 289 meters will pass under an artificial bed of river Smolenka. The tunnel represents a reinforced-concrete frame structure with three diaphragm walls (two enclosure walls and one in the middle – to separate lanes), joined by the solid-cast reinforced-concrete lap. The river-bed will flow along a granite reinforced-concrete canal located directly on the top plate of the tunnel lap.  

At the present the Contractor of the Central section construction – IC Astaldi is finishing sand filling of the embankment. In February, 2014 the builders will set about sheet pile driving and palification, then construction of diaphragm walls.

Active works are being undertaken also on other sites of Vasilievsky Island. In the south part a diaphragm wall construction as well as sheet pile driving for temporary technological platforms, sand filling of the embankment and bored piles construction on platforms are ongoing.  

On the north of Vasilievsky Island works on palification, pile caps and pile shafts construction for exits to Makarova embankment are being undertaken. Besides sheet pile driving and sand filling for temporary technological platforms are ongoing here.

On Kanonersky Island works on construction of the main alignment of the road are being undertaken. As an example on the site pouring of pile cap of pier IV-19 is completed and construction of pile-cap of pier IV-17 has begun. Thereto construction of exits of interchange with Ekateringofka embankment: pile driving, pile caps and shafts construction are completed, preparatory works for construction of reinforced-concrete construction of the exits are ongoing. In the area of Sea port a vast work on removal of the existing utilities is being undertaken. On Bely Island sand filling of the temporary technological platforms is ongoing.

On Krestovsky Island construction of the temporary technological flyover is to be completed, sheet pile driving and sand filling for construction of temporary technological platforms, pile boring, pile caps and shafts construction is ongoing.

At Savushkina Street construction of temporary technological platform is completed, concrete works on piers construction, building of temporary technological platforms is ongoing.