A review of new operating equipment was held at the WHSD base

On Friday, 18 August, the southern operating base of the WHSD hosted a review of the motorway's cleaning equipment. In addition, representatives of manufacturers of combined road vehicles from Russian regions presented their new products designed for all-season cleaning of city streets and highways. To solve operational tasks, the fleet of multifunctional cleaning, repair and transport equipment of the WHSD includes 160 units of modern machines and mechanisms. Combined road vehicles of the maintenance service involved in winter cleaning, as well as mounted replacement equipment, were presented at the show. The guests of the event were shown a specialised Barin AB machine designed for inspecting the technical condition of motorway bridge structures. This technique allows inspection of objects up to 22 metres high. The maximum length of the machinery under the bridge is 27 m, and the maximum outreach of the hydraulic lift boom under the bridge is 22 m, which makes it possible to perform works in the underpass space from different sides of the bridge. Manufacturers of new equipment told about their developments in the field of combined road machines. For example, a new system of treatment with anti-icing materials was presented, which is able to distribute reagents on the road with the accuracy of setting up to five grams per square metre. The show also presented novelties in the field of ensuring safety at road works sites - power trailers for cover vehicles, as well as road signs and signposts.