1 year since WHSD Central section commissioning

On 4 December 2016 WHSD Central section was commissioned. This stretch linked the southern and northern parts of the road.

Thousands of drivers tested the section with its unique bridge structures at the very first day of commissioning. According to NCH, LLC, traffic on WHSD was fixed at a record level that day. 

Since that day multiple routes have become available for St. Petersburg drivers. Regular traffic on WHSD is set on 300 000 trips per day. Total amount of transactions after a year of operation - 80 mln. WHSD is one of the most popular toll roads in Russia. 80% of transactions are made via tags. Currently, 430 000 of tags are in use.

Drivers can also use interoperability, paying toll on M3, M4, M11 motorways via WHSD tags.