Service quality assurance

In accordance with the PPPA, NCH assumes obligations for cleaning and repair of structures of the entire length of the Western High-Speed ​​Diameter.

The complex maintenance of WHSD includes:

  • Application of anti-icing products to the roadway with the help of automated systems;
  • Cleaning the roadway, road signs, barrier fences, etc .;
  • 24/7 monitoring of the road situation, road surface and structures condition with the help of automated systems;
  • Timely performance of works on the repair and maintenance of the highway.

To solve operational problems, the company has created a fleet of multi-purpose harvesting, repair and transport equipment, numbering more than 120 units of modern machines and mechanisms.

Multi-functional vehicle fleet, unique machinery

Specialized machine Barin AB was designed to inspect the technical condition of the bridge structures of the high-speed motorway. The use of such a mobile system will be a unique experience in the history of road maintenance in Russia.

With the help of the Barin AB mobile system, it is possible to inspect objects up to 22 m height. The maximum lowering of the equipment under the bridge is 27 m, and the maximum reach of the hydraulic lift arm under the bridge is 22 m, which in most cases allows to work with supports on both sides of the bridge. Inspection can be performed taking into account various obstacles specific for the Western high-speed diameter, namely lighting posts, barrier and decorative fences, up to 3.7 m height.

It is possible to operate this system in motion up to 3 km/h, which significantly increases the efficiency of tasks to be solved. A special superstructure consisting of a platform under which the mechanism is fixed in the form of two twin rollers on a common plate is designed for inspecting bridge structures. This mechanism performs the function of support and balancer, and also provides the ability to move the machine when the hydraulic lift is deployed. On the platform itself, there is a hydraulic lift with a “cradle” for a worker carrying out the inspection of the object. A distinctive feature of the Barin AB design is that it does not occupy additional space on the roadway in unfolded form. As a result, the overlap of additional lanes is not required, which eliminates the appearance of obstacles to the movement of vehicles along the high-speed highway.

The unique mechanism of the machine Barin AB is designed to operate during the winter. Thus, it is possible to inspect the technical and external condition of bridge structures in low-temperature conditions (up to -20 ⁰С). The mobile system Barin AB can operate during wind gusts up to 14 m/s.

Multi-functional operational base

The operational base of WHSD is located in close proximity to the motorway.

The base includes a variety of facilities and equipment:

  • administrative complex,
  • gas boiler,
  • electrical substation,
  • complex maintenance of operational equipment,
  • complex storage and preparation of anti-icing materials,
  • spray booth,
  • equipment providing wastewater treatment,
  • fire tanks,

The creation of mechanized bases allows you to:

  • to maintain and operate WHSD in accordance with the high requirements for maintenance and operation;
  • significantly reduce the response time when carrying out work on the maintenance of the WHSD highway in adverse weather conditions, as well as when performing emergency works;
  • reduce the additional runs of specialized cleaning equipment on the city’s road network.

Reducing the additional running of specialized harvesting equipment on the city’s road network in order to carry out works on maintaining WHSD motorway through the use of mechanized bases amounts to about 1,000 km per day in the winter season. It reduces exhaust emissions and reduces the number of traffic accidents on the road network of the city in areas adjacent to WHSD.