St. Petersburg Television Channel: The moment we've been waiting for for several years. New exits to WHSD will save time for tens of thousands of residents

Across the city with a breeze and no traffic jams. Surely, car owners, whose route this night passes through the WHSD, will be pleasantly surprised. Others will be surprised tomorrow morning. Today, three new exits were opened in the northern part of the expressway. 

Where exactly? Anton Nikitin, a correspondent of the St. Petersburg TV channel, knows what difficulties the builders encountered during the construction of the interchanges. 

The moment which has been awaited for years. Three new exits on the Western High-Speed Diameter were opened by Alexander Beglov, the acting governor of St. Petersburg. In the direction of Pesochny and Beloostrov settlement and backwards.

According to the preliminary predictions, up to 10 thousand cars will pass here daily. The main task of the interchange is to provide a quick exit to WHSD. 

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