The sale of transponders at WHSD toll points temporarily suspended

Dear users!
From October 5, 2021, the sale of transponders has been temporarily suspended at the Toll Points (Toll Points) of the Western High-Speed ​​Diameter. Transponders can be purchased from the Sales and Customer Service Center by appointment.
Since 2020, there has been a growing deficit in the global microchip market, which has a significant impact on the stability of supply, and which has been fully felt by consumer electronics manufacturers, among others.
The Transponder device is also equipped with a microchip that allows users to register their trips at toll points, entrances and exits of toll roads.
Thanks to the planned schedule of wholesale deliveries of transponders and an extensive warehouse, the Northern Capital Highway LLC managed to supply WHSD users with devices during 2020-2021 without restrictions. However, according to information from the supplier of WHSD transponders, one of the world's leading manufacturers of these devices, the timing of the next delivery is significantly shifted due to the shortage of components. According to available information, a similar situation is observed with alternative suppliers of transponders. According to the manufacturer, the next delivery of transponders is expected in November 2021.
Please note that a visit to the Sales and Customer Service Center at Planernaya 18, building 2 for the purchase of transponders is available only by appointment through the online service on the website.
This measure is necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by minimizing contact between visitors inside the premises.
As soon as a new batch is received, the distribution of transponders at the PoE will be restored immediately.
Moreover, with the resumption of device deliveries, it is planned to start the delivery service, which will be announced later.
We would like to thank all users for choosing the Western High-Speed ​​Diameter and ask for understanding of the current situation.