Are you going outside the city for the holidays? Use contactless payment methods and do not forget to check your account!

If you are planning your route on WHSD to go to vacation spots during the May holidays, do not forget to use contactless payment methods when traveling.

Due to the predicted increase in traffic, take precautions and refuse cash payment. Use bank cards, cards with contactless payment chips, as well as smartphones, smart devices that support NFC technology, and of course a transponder.

Do not forget about the importance of using masks!

Before the trip, do not forget to check the transponder balance and, if necessary, replenish your personal account at least 30 minutes before the trip! For automate balance control, connect Auto Payment in a mobile application or use your personal account on the website.

Before the trip, read the information on the website of the Government of St. Petersburg:

Take care of yourself and be healthy!